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Track List:

1. Watch Me Die (Bonus Track From “The Clans Will Rise Again”)
2. Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy cover) – (Bonus Track From “Ballads of a Hangman”)
3. Overkill (Motorhead Cover) (From Single Pray)
4. Ship of Hope (Bonus Track From “Liberty or Death”)
5. The Reapers dance (Bonus Track From “Liberty or Death”)
6. Yesterday (Bonus Track From “Liberty or Death”)
7. Sleepless (Bonus Track From “The Last Supper”)
8. Jeepers Creepers (Bonus Track From “The Last Supper”)
9. Hero (Bonus Track From “Rheingold”)
10. Goodbye (Bonus Track From “Rheingold”)
11. Black Cat (Bonus Track From “The Grave Digger”)
12. Starlight (Accept Cover) – (Bonus Track From “The Grave Digger”)
13. Running Free (Iron Maiden cover) – (Bonus Track From “The Grave Digger”)
14. Parcival (Bonus Track From “Excalibur”)
15. Kill the King (Rainbow Cover) (Bonus Track From “Knights of the Cross”)
16. Children Of The Grave (Black Sabbath Cover) – (Bonus Track From “Knights of the Cross”)
17. Dolphin?s cry (Bonus Track From “Heart of Darkness”)
18. My life (Bonus Track From “Heart of Darkness”)
19. Shine On (Bonus Track From “Witch Hunter”)
20. Tears of blood (Bonus Track From “Witch Hunter”)
21. Don’t Kill The children (Bonus Track From “Witch Hunter”)
22. Hellas Hellas (Vasilis Papakostantinou Cover) – (Bonus Track From “The Dark of the Sun”)
23. Girls of Rock’n’Roll (Unreleased song)
24. Don’t Bring Me Down (Previously Unreleased In Europe)
25. Witchhunter (From EP “The Dark of the Sun”)
26. Headbanging Man (From EP “The Dark of the Sun”)


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